DITO Social Welfare Association, India is a part of DITO Foundation, Netherlands, that has it’s presence in India, Nepal, Thailand, Senegal, Cambodia and Tibet. Founded in 1996, DITO is nonsectarian, impartial and nongovernmental. DITO stands for “ Drop In The Ocean” and dedicates itself to Girls education and women’s empowerment, medical care, water & sanitation and Social Impact ventures. In 2016 we are registered in India as DITO Social Welfare Association. We are governed by an Independent Board of directors.

Our Values

We reiterate our values and emphasis on ‘praxis’ to bring forth positive changes within the poorest of the poor community. Our values have a strong base which stands on ‘ equality, humanitarianism, solidarity, camaraderie’ in order to end the sufferings of the have nots.

Our Vision

To create an inclusive and equitable society that values women and children and actively enables the community empowerment.

Our Mission

To enable an ecosystem where community, especially the women and children are given adequate opportunity to prove themselves as the resourceful global citizen.

Our Theory Of Change

We believe in the universal proverb “ Don't feed man with fish, but teach him to fish”. Thus with the active participation of the community living in poverty, and with our values we aspire to bring forth sustainable changes within the community.


Debolina is a B. Tech Engineering student from Murshidabad College of Engineering & Technology and completed Semester-I and Semester-II examination with Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) 8.67 and SGPA- 9.03 respectively. It shows that the Yearly Grade Point Average (YGPA) is 8.86. She hails from a marginalised community and could hardly afford a square meal a day. She wants to be a scientist. DITO supports her to pursue her dreams...

She has no shame to tell to the society that her father is a rickshaw puller , instead she takes pride in the fact that her father has followed path of hardship to bring her up and provide her education. Puja’s mother left the family when Puja was very young. Puja took care of her brothers and sisters and continued her studies. she scored 92.8% in Class 12 Pass out examination. DITO is now supporting her to complete the Under Graduate course with English as the main...

Abandoned by her father and left at the mercy of her maternal uncle, Mousumi struggled to pass her Class XII examination with flying colours. Her mother is now too sick to rejoice her daughter’s success. Mousumi is in her Under Graduate course with Philosophy as the main subject and is now a DITO Scholar...

Depali is a thought provoking courageous girl who had the guts to challenge her family’s will to get her married at an early age. She directly lodged a complaint with the police and she stopped her own marriage. She is now in her Under Graduate course with English as the main subject and is a DITO Scholar...


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