“give the least the best”

alexander van meerwijk

Alexander Van Meerwijk- a Dutch philanthropist started his family foundation DITO Foundation in 1996. His work is mostly driven by the motivation that was seeded by Dominique Lapierre. During one of Dominique’s visit to India, Xander was his companion and both ventured out to the islands of Sunderbans to have a first- hand account of the life of the people of the bay. Xander was immensely moved to witness the deplorable medical health facilities of the people of the island. Immediately after returning back to The Netherlands, he inspired the staff and the members of his company to initiate philanthropic programmes in India. He started 4 hospital boats to serve the people of Sunderbans and collaborated with local NGOs to better the lives of specially challenged children.

His inspiration is what continues to define DITO Social Welfare Association, India. Providing a life of dignity to the poor and the disadvantaged women is what the organisation aspires to achieve- a true ethos that Xander audaciously believed.


DITO stands for Drop In the Ocean. We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean, but the ocean would be less without the missing drops. DITO stands for the poor, believes in their dignity, respects opinion and democratic thought process to bring in changes within the society.

DITO believes in charity as a means and not an end. It dares to reach out to the unreached, imbibes hope and positive thinking and instils the value to maximise opportunity. DITO imagines for an equitable and inclusive society, imagine a society where women stand shoulder to shoulder with man, doesn’t ask for favour but dares to demand for the Rights.

DITO is an action to bring in hope to those dwindling minds. It is a game changer, a catalyst to create a society based on opportunity while restoring the dignity.

board of directors

Sahana Bhowmick

Graduated from Calcutta University with a Bachelors in “Sociology” and…

Saumyajit Guha

Saumyajit Guha has 14 years of rich experience in: Business Incubation and Entrepreneurship …

Usri Roy

Graduated from London School of Economics with a Masters in “Social Policy and

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