Who We are

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean, but the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.
-Saint Mother Teresa

DITO Social Welfare Association, India is a part of DITO Foundation, Netherlands, that has its presence in India, Nepal, Thailand, Senegal, Cambodia and Tibet. Founded in 1996, DITO is nonsectarian, impartial and nongovernmental. DITO stands for “Drop In The Ocean” and dedicates itself to Girls education and women’s empowerment, medical care, water & sanitation and Social Impact ventures. In 2016 we are registered in India as DITO Social Welfare Association. We are governed by an Independent Board of directors.

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We reiterate our values and emphasis on ‘praxis’ to bring forth positive changes within the poorest of the poor community. Our values have a strong base which stands on ‘ equality, humanitarianism, solidarity, camaraderie’ in order to end the sufferings of the have nots.


To enable an ecosystem where community, especially the women and children are given adequate opportunity to prove themselves as the resourceful global citizen.


To create an inclusive and equitable society that values women and children and actively enables the community empowerment.


We believe in the universal proverb “ Don’t feed man with fish, but teach him to fish”. Thus with the active participation of the community living in poverty, and with our values we aspire to bring forth sustainable changes within the community.

What we do


2016- 2021