Ujaan Project

Normalising menstruation and empowering girls and women

Normalising menstruation and empowering girls and women

Ujaan project is the solution to the challenges faced by women as their basic right to address menstrual hygiene, reproductive health care has not only failed to be addressed, but not spoken about. The dire consequences of this situation is, an estimated 70% of all reproductive diseases are caused by poor menstrual hygiene, correlating with a similar proportion of rural women who do not use sanitary napkins, but instead resort to makeshift, unhygienic alternatives ranging from ash, sand, and hay to old rags, plastics, or newspapers. Additionally, on average, girls miss six days of class each month due to their periods, contributing to more than 20% of girls dropping out of school each year.

The double whammy of a prohibitive cost of sanitary napkin and the cultural taboo associated, furthers catalyses the issue and enhances the gender gap.

Ujaan project is working towards a future to enable grassroot level women to be empowered. They have become educators of menstrual health and hygiene and also small-scale entrepreneurs. In the process “Ujaan Bahini” is formed at different locations working as advocates and opening the door for good quality menstrual hygiene products at remote areas at an affordable price.

Out come

  • Long lasting access to Ujaan sanitary napkin at remote locations at an affordable price.
  • Income generation for rural women by selling Ujaan sanitary napkins.
  • Increased period & reproductive health education
  • Increased opportunities for education & long term Employment.
  • Decrease in period stigma


Until no Patient is left Behind


packets of Ujaan sanitary napkin marketed by Ujaan Bahini members.


community men & women are sensitised on menstrual hygiene.


packets of Ujaan sanitary napkins distributed to disadvantaged school going children, through matching donations.